• NextGen Alpha announces

    3rd NextGen AI Aware Event, June 13, 2018, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

    The format for the 3rd NextGen AI Aware Event is consistent with the successful formula established for previous NextGen AI events, with innovators of AI-based funds and trading systems sharing practical knowledge and real-life experiences with professional investors.
  • Updates and Developments

    {Formation} NextGen AI Board of Advisors + {Launching} NextGen AI Aware Report (first edition to be released in advance of the June 13, 2018 AI Event) + {Planned launch} NextGen AI multi-manager fund (fund of AI funds)

  • What we do

    Leadership in promoting AI as an application for the investment management industry and promotion of AI based fund products.

    NextGen Alpha AI conferences offer a leading forum for AI based fund managers, technology providers and professional investors.